Friday, 24 January 2020

The Supermarket Trip

The Supermarket Visit

When I first wrote a story about this topic many years ago, going into a supermarket was very scary. Of course years later i have been shopping loads as a girl, but you can still have some fun, hope you enjoy the story ...

Jane had gone to meet Stuart again. They had met a few times now and had lots of fun, but tonight was going to be a bit different. Jane had told Stuart about how she liked to turn everyday jobs into fun times, and so today they were turning a shopping trip into more fun.

It was early Friday evening, about 6pm, and jane was dressed in a secretary style outfit as if she was on her way home from work. Cream blouse, short black/grey checked skirt, lacy topped sheer stockings, 3” stiletto heels, with black lacy knickers and matching bra.

Jane drove to a very large Tesco store and parked the car where Stuart had suggested, which was right near the bottom of the car park as far from the doors as possible. Being a very busy Friday night the car park was quite full even this far away. Shortly after she arrived Stuart arrived and parked next to her. Jane got out her car and got into Stuarts car. He explained what fun they were going to have, but first she needed to give him a blow job. Jane wasted no time in taking his hard cock into her mouth and after a few minutes of sucking he exploded in her mouth. Jane swallowed every drop before continuing to suck him clean ... such a shame to waste a drop.

Jane fixed her make up and then Stuart handed her a list of what she needed to buy and a £20 note. He said if the items came to more than that she would have to pay by credit card. Stuart said she was not allowed to read the list until she was inside Tesco, so Jane put the list in her bag and the money in her purse. He said she must get everything on the list in the order it was on the list, or improvise if something was not available

It was the type of Tesco superstore that sold everything from food to clothes etc.

Stuart then drove his car towards the main entrance of the shop, and looked for a space nearer the entrance. He found one not too far away and parked up. He told jane to go and get a big trolley, go inside and start shopping, and he would follow. However before she went she had to put her headphones in and he would call her and talk to her as she was shopping. He said he would come in and follow her as he wanted to watch shop.

Jane put her headphones in and then got out of the car. As she walked across the car park towards the shop entrance her phone range and she answered it with the headphone button.

Jane felt a little nervous but she set off for the entrance with Stuart some way behind. When she got near the main door she looked round as she got the large trolley and noticed Stuart was still ambling across the car park towards her. In her ear she heard him tell her to hurry up.

She had to be brave so she set off into Tesco pushing the trolley. Once inside she took the list out of her bag and began to read it as she walked. When she read the list she gasped at the items and became even more nervous :-

  • Large cucumber
  • KY Jelly
  • Honey
  • Condoms
  • One other type of insertable vegetable
  • G string/thong or bra and thong set
  • Fishnet hold up stockings
  • Bottle of wine
  • Tampax
  • New red lipstick
  • Pack of biscuits
  • Frozen peas
  • Cheese

Jane set off round Tesco to buy these items, but hadn’t realised the locations of the items meant she had to go down almost every aisle, and due to the order back and forth around the different aisles.

As she shopped, Stuart kept talking in her ear through his phone, and every now and then she would see Stuart following her or walking the other way with a small hand basket and a few things inside it.

She got to the first item, the cucumber, and Stuarts voice said pick one up and look at it for size, slide your hand up and down it a few times then put it back and find a bigger one. Do this to 3 different cucumbers until you find the longest thickets one. Jane hesitated as there was a woman next to her, but the voice in her ear told her to get on and do it. Jane obeyed and got a few funny looks from the other lady shopper.

Next over to get KY jelly, which was easy as no one was around that area, then over to honey which was a few aisles away. As she approached the honey Stuarts voice said to keep legs straight and bend down to get one from bottom shelf, stand up look at it then put it back and get one from the highest shelf. Then put that back and then choose another one. Bending down exposed her stocking tops and jane noticed at least one person take a second look.

Next back to get condoms. They were opposite the busy pharmacy counter and the voice in her ear told her to do something similar to the honey, pick one from the lowest shelf and bend to get it but keep legs straight. Make sure when she bent down she was facing the shelf with her back to the people. Look at the pack then put it back and get a different one. When she put her chosen packet in the trolley she noticed one guy looking at her who smiled at her. Jane smiled back as she set off for the next item.

Now back to get another insertable vegetable. Hmmm what to buy. Jane looked at a few items and and eventually bought a parsnip, carrot, and a butternut squash.

Now back through the store to the upstairs area where the clothes are to get some undies and stockings. Jane loved clothes shopping so she chose a nice red lacy bra and thong set and some nice lacy topped fishnet stockings. There was no sign of Stuart up here though, although she could hear his voice saying to buy something sexy.

Back downstairs and to the far end of the store to get wine. It was quieter down this end and jane chose a bottle of her favourite rose, white zinfandel.

Then back to half way through the store to get tampax. Stuart said to pick a few different boxes up and then choose one.

Next a lipstick only a few aisles away. Jane loved make up so she looked at quite a few different ones before choosing a nice red one.
As she headed back to the other end of the store for biscuits, the voice in her ear told her to slow down and go down the next aisle on the right. This was full or sauces and tinned foods etc. It was also quite busy. Stuart told her to walk over to the left side and keep legs straight as she bends down and pick up some ketchup. Then put it back and repeat with a different brand. Then find something on the top shelf and repeat. Then he told her to go to the other side of the aisle and go to pick up a tin of tomatoes, but accidentally knock a can onto the floor. Then bend down legs straight and pick it up. She did as asked, and picked up a can of tomatoes knocking one off accidentally. As she bent down to pick it up she noticed the guy behind her looking at her ass which was obviously showing her stocking tops off. The can rolled along the floor and she had to put the one she was holding down to get the one rolling. She almost fell over but managed to keep her balance. Retrieving both cans she stood up looking all red and flustered. The guy who had been looking at her ass smiled as he walked off, and lady next to her tutted at her. Jane put one of the cans back and the other in her trolley.

Jane set off for the biscuit aisle now and as she turned down it noticed the guy who had been looking at her ass following her. She also noticed Stuart coming the other way. In her ear she heard him say now pick up 5 different types of biscuits before choosing one. At least 2 from the bottom and 2 from the top shelves. Legs straight when you bend. Jane obeyed and the guy who had followed her watched as he pretended to choose his own biscuits. As Stuart walked past he stopped right next to her and picked up some biscuits of his own, then he moved further down the aisle near the other guy. As jane continued to choose her biscuits, she heard him say “nice legs and ass” to the other guy as he walked past him.

Jane headed quickly for the Frozen peas on the way back to the cheese counter, which was near the start of the store. Stuarts voice told her to bend right over to get some peas from the bottom of the freezer, and once again exposed her stocking tops to whoever was in the aisle. The she quickly headed off for cheese. The aisle was very busy, and she had to wait to get to the cheese area until a few people had moved. Stuart came up behind her and edged past, gently pushing her sideways slightly so she knocked into a guy. Jane blushed and said sorry before picking some cheese and quickly heading in the direction of the checkout.

Finally Jane had got all the items, and then Stuarts voice instructed her to pick the busiest checkout queue. They were all busy, and Jane picked a counter which looked the busiest. There was a lady in front unloading her full trolley. Jane stood there waiting to unload her items. As she was putting put everything on the checkout belt Stuart started walking over but deliberately let a guy go in front of him so jane was now unloading her items in full view of the guy and the lady. Jane recognised the guy as the one that had followed her.

On the shopping list Stuart had wrote that she must unload things in a certain order, so the cucumber and the KY and the condoms must all be together and all items must be clearly visible. Jane had chosen a pretty red thong/bra set which she had placed on the end as well next to the honey and the butternut squash.

The lady in front stood waiting her turn and she surveyed janes item and looked at her with a funny a look before it was her turn.

The guy behind jane was grinning and kept looking at the items. Then just as it was janes turn to start loading her things he said “Fun night tonight then?” Jane just smiled and started packing her items as the checkout girl scanned them.

Eventually all the items were packed and jane paid with her card as it was more than£20, and finally walked out the shop. As she was walking out, Stuart told her to wait outside

She waited outside but as she was waiting the guy who was behind her came out first. He walked towards her and asked if she was waiting for him. Jane smiled and then said not unless he liked tv’s !!!

He seemed surprised at first, but then said well maybe, and they chatted briefly,  …. and then he gave her his number before going off with jane promising to call him…. but that’s another story !!!!!!!

Just then Stuart came out and asked jane if she had pulled. Jane blushed ...

He told her to go back to her car and then meet him back at his place to use the items ....

Jane walked across the car park all the way back to her car and unloaded the items before driving back to Stuarts for more fun ... and that’s another story too!!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Scotland (Part 1) (Fantasy)

Scotland (Part 1) (Fantasy)

jane had arranged to meet Stewart at Kings Cross station. It was a Friday night and they were going to spend a night away together but Stewart had wanted to go somewhere as a surprise by train. Jane had only seen him twice before in hotels in London so this was going to be something a little new.
it was late summer and still warm and dry. jane had asked what to pack and he had just said some sexy underwear and some short skirts. After all they were only away for a night. So jane had packed her little red suitcase with a couple of short skirts and nice tops, make up and some sexy undies. she also had a spare pair of 4" heels as Stewart had said only bring high heels.

Stewart had also suggested he would pay for everything and said she didn't need any money. He actually said he would be offended if she brought any with her. In fact he had gone on to say that she didn't even need to bring her purse. jane was unsure about leaving her purse behind but he had always paid on their two dates so far and he had offered, and she didn't want to offend, so she had left her purse in the car.

jane walked into Kings Cross station wearing a nice secretary look, above the knee grey skirt and cream blouse with 4" black mary jane heels. Underneath she wore sheer black lacy topped stockings, red knickers, matching red bra and a black cami vest.

she stopped and sent Stewart a text to say she was there and he text back to say he was just grabbing them coffee and would be there in 5 mins, and where to meet.

The station was packed and jane waited where they had agreed. Then she spotted Stewart coming over to her with a small bag of his own and carrying a tray with two starbucks coffees.

He smiled and gave her a kiss and then said they needed to go as their train was going soon. jane asked where they were going but he said it was a surprise. Stewart said they needed to catch the underground to Euston, and they walked briskly through the station to the tube, and eventually when they got the one stop to Euston they found their way towards the train. Jane did her best to keep up on her 4" heels, but by the time they got on the train her feet were aching. They boarded the train and found some seats. Luckily the carriage was still quite empty. Stewart handed jane her coffee and they sat back and relaxed. jane asked where they were going again. Before he could answer there was an announcement over the speakers saying this was the 18:10 to Glasgow. Jane looked at Stewart and was about to say something when he said don't worry, we are both not going all that way. jane thought that was a bit of an odd thing to say but she was now also feeling really drowsy. She started to say something and she heard Stewart say something about getting off in Peterborough which was the first stop.

Then he said something about adjusting her skirt and he helped her lift herself off the seat as he pulled her skirt up a bit to show off her stocking tops. Her head was spinning more now so she didn't object. They were sitting in row of two seats with two seats opposite so with her skirt pulled up anyone could see her stocking tops and as the train started to fill up with people Stewart smiled to himself. He stood up and said he wanted to get something from his bag and got both their bags down from the overhead rail. jane was too sleepy now to notice what he was doing, and as he carefully filled her suitcase with things from his own bag he started to grin. What jane did not notice was that he put two pairs of hands cuffs and a few dildos and plugs and lube in the top of her suitcase and then put it back up on the rail but left it unzipped.

He sat back down and said to jane that she could have a snooze if she was feeling tired and it would be about an hour before they got to Peterborough, he would wake her when they got there.
jane was sitting next to the window and rested her head on his arm and went to sleep.
jane slowly came to, as the movement of the train still soothed her, and her head slowly cleared she remembered where she was on the train. she stretched a little and stretched out her arms, letting her hand come to rest on Stewarts leg.

As she slowly opened her eyes she looked around and it took her a few seconds to realise something was wrong. The people sitting in front of her were different, and it was dark outside. her brain was trying to process the scene as she came fully awake and she turned to Stewart to ask him how long had she been asleep only to find it was not Stewart sitting next to her. In fact the two seats opposite and the one next to her were taken up by 3 friends. The guys opposite were grinning at her and as she went to pull her hand away from the guys leg sitting next to her he put his hand on hers and said its ok love you can leave it there if you want. She went to pull it away again and he held it a little firmer this time. the guys opposite were looking at her legs and as jane glanced down she noticed her skirt was pulled right up showing off her stocking tops even more and also the guys opposite must be able to see her red nix. She tried to pull her skirt down a bit with her free hand but the guy next to her leaned closer and said why don't you leave it like that, after all its been that way for nearly 5 hours. jane was panicking inside but was trying to remain calm on the outside.

She glanced around the carriage and noticed that there was not many people in this one. She was not sure where Stewart was but was also not sure if these guys knew she was a tv or not.
She took a deep breath and said to the guys, look do you know where my friend has gone. The guy opposite turned to his mate and said, see i told you she was a tv. jane blushed but they didn't seem to mind. the guy next to her who had hold of her hand moved her hand up his leg onto his crotch where jane could feel his hard cock in his jeans.

Then the guy next to her said that they got on at Peterborough and this seat next to her was empty. The other two guys said that they had to wait until Doncaster to move opposite and they all laughed.
jane could feel the guys cock pulsing through his jeans but did her best not to react. The guy opposite slid his foot out and in-between hers, then slipped his other one in and slowly started to push her feet outwards. jane moved her feet back and the guy opposite looked a little disappointed.

she asked them where they were and one of them said they were almost in Glasgow. jane was astonished, and said i cant be, that's miles away. The guys laughed again and then suddenly the door to the carriage opened at the far end and a conductor walked in. The guy kept hold of janes hand massaging his cock through his jeans until the conductor was almost at their seats then he let go. jane had just managed to pull her skirt down a bit by the time he came for their tickets.
Jane fumbled in her bag for the ticket Stewart had given her and gave this to the conductor. It was only as she took it back that she noticed the ticket said it was a single to Glasgow. Suddenly reality hit her. Here she was almost in Glasgow with no money, no credit cards and no ticket back, and only 4" heels and sexy clothes.

She got her phone out and checked the time, it was almost 11pm. Oh no she thought! She tried ringing Stewart but it went to voice mail. she noticed she had a text, and read it. It was from Stewart, and it was wishing her a nice time in Scotland!

jane sat there for a few mins with the guys still leering at her, and then asked the guys if they would help. She explained she was stuck here with no purse and no money and was not sure where she going to stay tonight and needed the money for a ticket back to London. The guys all leant forwards and had a chat and then they said they would help and give her some money if she helped them out and then laughed.

Jane had no idea how much a ticket costs, but the guys said not to worry they would give her what they thought she needed.

As the train pulled into the station she got up to get her bag from the rack and as she stood up her skirt (which Stewart had sneakily undone at the back) fell down. They guys loved that. She quickly pulled it up and fastened it and then went to get her suitcase down. Of course as she did it came undone as Stewart had left it unzipped and upside down. All the sex toys fell out along with the undies and the guys quickly picked them up and joked about them.
One of the guys held up a big thick dildo and said "i know where this is going later" and they all laughed.

After they helped her pack them away they all left the station together and the guys walked her to some side streets and down an alley in what they told her was the red light district. It was all quite dingy. They took her to really cheap and grotty looking door, that said hotel, and rooms available.
Inside was a bare reception area with an old overweight guy in a dirty t-shirt sitting there. He wanted £30 for an hour and they negotiated £50 for two.

They all went to a grotty room with an old double bed in it and minimal other furniture.
As soon as they closed the door then they told her to get on her knees and suck them. she obeyed with only a short hesitation, and sucked them all. Each one filled her mouth with cum and she swallowed it all. Then they got her to stand up and then get on the bed on all fours.

One of the guys remembered the toys and went in her bag. He got the hand cuffs and big black dildo and a tube of lube. He cuffed her hands together and then used the other cuffs to lock one end to the cuffs on her wrist and the other to the metal railing at the top of the bed.

He then pulled her nix down and squirted lube all over her ass. He began to work the big black dildo in and out, and all the guys took it in turns to use it on her. One by one as they got hard again they all fucked her. Hard and deep, in and out, they took ages to fuck her. After they had all filled her with cum the first guy took the big black dildo and slid it all the way inside then pulled her knickers back up.

They all had a quick chat and a joke as they watched her laying on the bed now face down exhausted. Each took out £10 and they showed her the £30 and said that’s what she was worth. One of the guys rolled it up and then pulled her nix down, removed the dildo and pushed the money into her cum filled ass. He then pushed the dildo back in and pulled her nix up again.
They all went to leave the room as jane started begging them to unlock the hand cuffs. They paid no attention and blew her a kiss goodbye as they all walked out ....

10 mins later the guy from reception walked in and asked why she was still in the room as the 2 hours was up. Jane said about the hand cuffs and he smiled. The key was on the little table just of out reach and she asked him to unlock her. He asked what it was worth, and jane said she would suck him if he did.

He got the key and held it in his hand as he got his cock out. It wasn’t very big and he just told her to suck it good. Jane wasted no time and began to suck it as best as she could still handcuffed to the bed. He held her head and fucked her mouth quickly and it only took him a few mins to fill her mouth with cum, which she automatically swallowed. He threw her the key and said she had 10 mins to clean up and be gone. Jane asked about a bathroom and he said there was one down the hall.
After unlocking herself she went and found it. It was nasty and dirty but at least there was water. She cleaned her face, re did her make up and the retrieved the £30. Soggy cum covered notes. She dried them off as best she could with toilet paper and put them in her hand bag.

10 mins later she headed down to reception and started a conversation with the receptionist. She explained her predicament and asked if he could help .....

What happens in part 2 .... open to ideas?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Maid to serve Part 1

Maid to serve (Part 1) (Fantasy)

jane had been naughty, she knew that, and she knew that Dave wanted to punish her for letting him down. So tonight was to be the punishment!

jane had checked into the Travel Lodge hotel and was already changed and waiting. She was wearing a black and white french maids outfit, and underneath a red bra, red thong, black seemed stockings held up by a red suspender belt. On her feet with black 4" stiletto heels.

In her hand bag, as instructed, she had just make up, condoms and lube. No money, no phone and no cards.

Her phone was laying on the bedside table, and it suddenly beeped, making jane jump as she had been sitting there lost in her own thoughts.

The text was from Dave. He was outside. She sent him a text with her room number on and 5 mins later he was knocking on her door. She opened the door, and he greeted her with a smile, looking her up and down. He came into the room and handed her a simply styled old tan coloured fitted raincoat which when she put it on just came down below the hem of the maids dress. He then said come on, and took her hand.

Jane picked up her handbag and the room the key and headed out the door. One last look in the mirror to check her hair and make up before she closed the door. They headed down the corridor and to the lift. Waiting impatiently for it to arrive, before eventually stepping in and pressing the ground floor button. As the doors opened they stepped out into the lobby and headed for the street.

They walked to his car and after a short walk were inside. He turned to jane and kissed her, and said he could not wait to get her home.

After a short drive they were parking outside his house and 2 mins later were inside. jane wasted no time in taking her coat off and standing there in the middle of the lounge for Dave to inspect her. He walked round her, and after 2 mins silence said he was pleased with her outfit. He the took her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. Jane followed, butterflies starting to form in her stomache as she knew roughly what her punishment would be.

On the bed were a range of bondage items already laid out to use ....

First the leather ankle and wrist cuffs were locked on, then the discipline collar which kept her head up straight. Dave told jane to get on all fours on the bed facing the headboard. He then put several pillows under janes hips to keep her ass int he air, and told her to reach forwards with her hands.

As jane reached forwards he fastened one end of a pair of metal hand cuffs to one of the D rings on the wrist cuffs, threaded them through the metal bars on the head board and locked onto the other wrist cuff. He then got some rope and tied it to one of the D rings on her left ankle cuff and threaded it over the left side of the bed, round the left leg of the bed and then under the bed and repeated on the right hand side of the bed before tying it to the D ring on her right ankle cuff. jane was now immobile semi face down on the bed, sort of on all fours, but with her legs spread wider, and pillows keeper her hips and ass in the air, and her hands pulled forwards.

Dave stood back and admired her for a few minutes before taking a red ball gag and fixing this tightly into janes mouth.

He then told her that she deserved her punishment for letting him down so badly. jane sort of nodded, but it was hard to move her head much with the discipline collar on.

First Dave spanked her, hard full hand spanks until her ass was red. Then he got some baby oil and rubbed it onto her ass before getting a thick leather paddle. 20 strokes on each cheek, each stroke making a slapping noise of wet leather on oily ass, mixed with jane squealing into her gag.

Next came a riding crop. jane had hardly got her breath back from the paddling before Dave brought the first stroke down on her sore ass. she had not been ready for the first stroke and she squealed loudly into the gag. Again 20 strokes on each ass cheek, left her with tears in her eyes, and panting for breath. Her ass was red, and covered with stripes. They had not been the hardest of strokes, but they had certainly left their marks.

He loved the way her ass sucked on the plug drawing it as deep as it would go each time the crop hit.

Dave stood back and took some pictures before going to get the final present for jane. She could not turn her head round to see what he had got, but he told her she would really love this one. She knew she wouldn't. The first stroke of the cane made her scream into the gag. A total of 10 strokes, 5 on each cheek left her sobbing and begging for mercy. Dave took more pics of his handy work. He had been less forgiving with the cane and had left very, very red welts that were swelling up nicely. He left jane there for a few minutes to contemplate her punishment.

When he came back he was naked and positioned himself between her legs. He removed the plug and replaced it with the tip of his big cock. There was enough baby oil that had run into her ass to not need any lube. He pushed and her ass easily swallowed the tip, followed by the whole length as he slid into her with one smooth stroke.

jane gasped as it slid home, as Dave leaned forwards and slipped her tits out of her bra and pulled and squeezed the nipples. He began pumping into her, and every time he banged into her ass it hurt more. He was really going for it with deep thrusts now and it did not take him long before he was pumping his hot sweet cum deep inside her. he made sure he pumped every drop he could into her, even squeezing the last drops out by hand into her open ass hole before replacing the plug and slapping her ass with his hand causing her to contract her muscles pulling the plug in deep.

He got out from between her legs and came round to her head. He undid the cuffs and allowed her to move round on the bed slightly so she could suck his cock clean to not waste a drop of cum. Once he was satisfied he told her she could untie her own legs and fix her make up while he took a shower. He threw her the keys for the ankle and wrist cuffs. jane unlocked her cuffs and managed to get off the bed. She could not sit down, and instead had to stand to do her make up. Her poor ass was very sore.

Once jane had sorted her make up and Dave was dressed, he announced they were going out. He called a taxi and told jane to put her coat on. He told her she could sit down on the sofa and wait or to stand in the corner of the room and face the wall. jane chose to stand and face the wall due to her sore ass, but 10 mins later the taxi had arrived.

They left the house and got in. poor jane had to sit down now and she did so slowly. The taxi seemed to find every bump in the road as they went and Dave kept smiling at her. It only took about 10 mins in the taxi before they arrived at their destination and they both got out, but every minute was torture for her ass. They were outside a gay pub which Dave had told her about before. He took her hand and led her inside to the large open bar. It was mid week, and was busy but not that crowded. They walked to the bar and Dave ordered himself a beer and jane a large glass of rose wine.

He then told jane to take her coat off and hand it to him. jane hesitated as it was a very public bar, but Dave insisted and jane gingerly took it off ... jane was now standing in the busy bar dressed as maid ... suddenly jane felt like all eyes were on her and she blushed!!!

Dave took the coat and first ripped the material as best he could, then he asked the barman if he could throw it away. The barman smiled and said he would be very happy to do so. He took the ripped coat from Dave and walked out the back of the bar and disappeared. 2 mins later he was back and said he threw it in the skip. Jane now had no way of covering up her maids outfit.

Dave insisted she drink her wine fast while he ordered her another one, knowing full well that she got drunk easily. By now a few guys had come up and were chatting to Dave and jane. Dave kept telling them jane was a cheap slutty whore and was happy to be fucked by any of them when she was drunk.

He then ordered jane another large glass of wine and told her to drink it quick. Jane was halfway through this 3rd glass and was very tipsy already. She could only sip the wine now and not gulp it as she was getting more drunk with each sip. That was when Dave announced that he needed to go. He told jane to stay in the bar and finish her drink before she could leave, but she could stay as long as she wanted with her new friends. jane was too drunk to protest. He said he would see her next week if she wanted to come round, and with that he kissed her and left.

jane was now stood there with 3 or 4 guys she didn't know all chatting to her .....

love some suggestions for what happens in part 2???

Street Whore (Fantasy)

A night working as 'Street Whore'

jane and Steve had talked about it a lot but had not yet carried out the full plan. Tonight however was to be the night that jane would find out what it was like to be a street whore.

It was 8pm and jane was stood in Steve's living room all dressed and ready to go, sipping on a big glass of wine. jane was wearing a tight black waist cincher/corset, red bra, red thong, black hold up fishnet stockings, short black skirt, low cut blouse with top buttons undone showing off her cleavage, and red 4" high heel stilettos these locked onto her feet with little padlocks at the ankles.. On each ankle she had an ankle bracelet, one saying hot wife, the other saying cum slut. jane was also wearing a locking metal collar. This was like a thick gold and silver chain locked on with a padlock that said slut on it.

jane had a small handbag with her, and this just had make up, condoms, lube and her phone. No money at all.

She was also plugged with a solid metal jeweled plug holding in Steve's cum after he recently fucked her.

Steve said he had found a town where the red light district was still popular and it would be at least 20 miles away. So for jane to get back without him picking her up it would cost her at least £40 in a taxi. so she would need to earn that at least, or wait until he came back at 2am to pick her up.

jane finished her wine, already feeling a little light headed, and they set off in his car and arrived about just after 8.30pm. Steve pulled up on a quiet road and told jane to get out. He said that she needed to walk to the end of this road, turn left and that was where the red light district was. He suggested a corner to stand on by giving jane two road names .. as if this blonde slut would remember that lol.

jane set off down the road in her heels, and was glad that it was only about 100m to get to her destination. 4" stilettos are not the easiest things to walk any distance in.

It was a warmish summer evening, and jane was now standing on the corner of what was by day an industrial road with factories/workshops on it. At night it was dimly lit and shabby. The place she chose to stand was the right corner (at least she hoped it would be) and had a mostly working street light nearby, so she was very visible. She checked her phone and sent Steve a text to say she was here. She noted it was almost 9pm now. She was expecting him to say he would pick her up in about an hour, but Steve sent a text back to say he would not be able to get back to pick her up until midnight at the earliest, but more like 1 or 2 am as he was going for a drink with friends. Jane sent a text back saying she had thought he was joking about 2am, and he replied saying she never asked if he was joking, and besides, surely she wanted to do this for him!

jane had no choice, she could stay here and have a go or she could find somewhere to sit for 5 hours. But she had no money so she thought that maybe she would try and then she could always get a coffee somewhere. Although the area they drove through to get here had not been very vibrant and she had not seen any places to go. Besides, she could not walk far in these heels either. She could always get a guy to drop her off somewhere if she had a customer! Well she could also always get a taxi if she earned enough too.

A few cars drove past and she noticed that many of the cars drove past several times. She also noticed further down the street another couple of girls too. After about 15 mins a car pulled over and jane did her best sexy walk to the car and bent over to learn closer to the passenger window as the driver lowered it. It was a guy in his 50s and he asked her if she was working. jane said yes. He did not seem to care about her voice giving away she was a tgirl. He asked how much for a blow job, and jane said £40. He laughed and said best she could charge round here was £20. jane did not know if that was good or bad, but said ok anyway.

She got in his car and he drove up the road for about 2 mins to another quiet industrial road. He stopped the car and said get sucking bitch. Jane helped him get his cock out, which was average 6" and not thick. He handed her £20 and then she went straight down on it and heard him let out a sigh. A few mins later she felt him tense as she sucked and he held his hand on her head as his cum pumped into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She sat up licking her lips as he put his cock away. He started the car and jane only had time to quickly fix her make up and lippy before he was dropping her back where he picked her up from.

A few mins later a car stopped, but this guy did not want a tgirl. A few mins after another one stopped and same thing. jane checked her phone to see the time and it was only 9.45. A couple of mins later another car pulled over and again jane did her best to look sexy as she walked over to the window. The guy wanted to know how much for full sex and they settled on £35 as that was all he said he had. jane got in his car and they ended up in a similar road to the guy she had first sucked. This time they got in the back of his car, and jane started off sucking him and then he said he wanted to fuck her. So she turned round so he could. when he found she was plugged he said he loved it, and quickly pulled it out and replaced it with his hard cock. He was about average size too, 6" long but a bit thicker than the first guy. He slid in quickly, and just grabbed janes hipped and started pumping slowly, gaining speed quickly. It did not take him long to cum. He pulled out and pushed the plug back home.

Jane pulled her knickers up and smoothed her skirt down as he took the condom off. He handed her the condom and said it was a present for her. Jane wasn't sure what he meant at first, but then she suddenly had an idea and popped it into her mouth and started to chew it. The guy said that was so hot.

jane fixed her make up as they drove back to her corner, and then got out of the car and walked back to her spot.

The air was getting a little cooler now and she checked her phone. It was only 10:20. There was a message from Steve asking how she was getting on. She sent him a text saying she had 2 guys and made £55 so far. He text back to say great work and keep going, and if she got to £250 he would come and get her early. She still had 3.5 hours to go, so she wondered if she could do it.

Over the next 1.5 hours she sucked off another 3 blokes and was fucked by one and had made another £90. So by midnight she had £145.

Just after midnight two black guys pulled up and asked if she would let both of them fuck her at the same time. jane said £100, and they said yes. She jumped in their car and they drove off. About 10 mins later they arrived in a run down looking street and stopped outside an old terraced house.
They all went inside and the guys wasted no time in telling her to get on all on the floor or the living room. They then took it in turns to fuck her while she sucked the other one. Both of their cocks were big. Not huge, but at least 7" long and thick. It was rough hard fucking, and they both cum withing a few mins of each other. Without thinking each time jane took the condoms and swallowed the contents which the guys loved. As they sat back on the sofa for a rest they told jane to go get them a beer each out the fridge, and if she wanted one she could one one too. jane came back with three beers. They sat and drank them, and jane sat in the middle. They told her to put her hands on each cock and it wasn't long before they were both hard again. The beer had gone to janes head and when they said they wanted to fuck her again jane agreed. This time they both took much longer and fucked her long hard and deep. By the time they finished jane was exhausted, but she dutifully swallowed all the cum from the condoms. They then told her she should go. They gave her enough time to fix her make up before kicking her out, they said they could not drive her back as they had been drinking. They handed her £60 instead of £100 as they said that was all they actually had.

As jane walked out into the dingy street she realised she had no idea where she was. She took out her phone and could see it was 1.30 am now. She set off walking in the direction they had arrived from , but in these heels it was not a very fast walk.

Her phone was not a smart phone so she could not call up a map. Jane walked slowly down the road, and typed a reply to Steves latest text asking how she was getting on. She replied she had just over £200 and might need picking up from somewhere else. By the time jane got to the end of the road her feet were aching and she was still very sore after the long session. She still had no idea where she was and it was very quiet. No cars around at all. jane walked for another 10 mins before a car went past. The car drove past, stopped and then reversed. The guy inside called over and asked if she was working. jane said yes, sure and asked him what he wanted. He just wanted a BJ, and she offered it for free if he dropped her back off in town center. He was an old guy and he just pulled over in a side road and let jane suck him until he filled her mouth with hot cum. It was very thick and salty too. Then he drove off back towards town.

When they got near the town center he asked where abouts she wanted to be dropped off. she just said near a coffee shop or mcdonalds that would still be open. He dropped her at a 24/7 Mc donalds and drove off. Jane then sent a text to Steve saying roughly where she was.

She ordered a coffee and sat down and drank it while she waited for him. It was now 1.50 and Steve arrived 5 mins later, so he was there just before 2am as promised. Jane got in his car, and handed him £200 and they drove home .....

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Hitchhiking 2018

Hitchhiking 2018

Today was the day to test out some more hitch hiking.

James and Jane had arranged to meet at a Travel lodge near Heathrow, and jane was to wear a secretary type outfit. Jane had gone for a shortish grey office type skirt, colourful stripy blouse with red bra, red panties, tight corset, hold up stockings, and 3” heels.

It was a warm early summers late lunchtime when James arrived to pick jane up. He came up to the room and made jane empty her hand bag so he could check what was in it. She was allowed make up, deodorant, face wipes, sex toys, spare underwear, condoms, and lube. No phone or car keys and no money, they were locked in her suitcase which would be left in the room.

The room was booked for 2 nights just in case.

James told jane to get on all fours at the edge of the bed and lube her ass up. She did so and he was soon pumping in and out of her before filling her up with his cum. He then inserted a big anal plug in before they left the room, and this was held in place by her panties.

James took the room key and when they got to his car he showed jane a small Tupperware container that he placed the room key into. They then set off driving round the M25, and headed down the M3.

At some point they turned off onto the A303 and after a short distance pulled over into a garage and little chef. At the back of the little shef was some woods and james took jane into the woods and they buried the small Tupperware container where jane could find it. What jane wasn’t quite sure about was where the little chef was but James marked it on a map page from a road atlas.

Now as they got back to the car James said jane needed to get in the back. She got in the back seat and James cuffed her hands together and tied her feet together and told her to lay on the back seat. Jane did so and he slipped a light blanket over her.

Now he drove off with jane laying under the blanket and told her to be quiet and stay still until they stopped.

It was quite some time later when they finally stopped and by now jane needed to pee too. James stopped the car and allowed jane to sit up she could see they were parked in a gateway of a quiet field. James told jane he wanted sex again, so he helped her get on all fours, removed the plug and fucked her on the back seat of his car before replacing the plug in her cum filled hole. Jane asked to be able to pee but James said not yet. He then told her to lay back down and put the blanket back over her.

They drove for another 10 mins before James pulled over again and then he got in the back with  her. He removed the blanket and said she could sit up. He undid the cuffs and rope and told her to fix her make up. Looking round she could see they were parked at the back of a truck stop like place, but had no idea where they were. But 5 mins later she had fixed her make up, and brushed her hair, and was now sat in the front of the car.
James pulled away but only drove a few hundred yards to the other edge of the truck stop where they were no in full view. He said to jane that this was her stop and she could hitch hike back from here. She noticed the time on the clock on the car that it was now about 5.30pm. They must have been travelling around 4 hours.

She had the map location of where the key was but no idea where she currently was. James said she needed to get going, and as she got out the car he blew her a kiss goodbye and drove off, leaving her standing in the middle of the truck stop full of his cum  ....................

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Southampton Date

Janes date in Southampton
Jane had booked into the ETAP Hotel as agreed. It was early evening about 6pm. She took a shower and fixed her make up. She dressed in some sexy lacy black underwear (matching bra and thong), short black mini skirt, tight red vest top, and a see through black blouse over the top but left open at the front. She slipped on some sheer black hold up stockings, and 4" strappy heels as well. She sent a text to Rob saying she was ready ...

Rob turned up about 20 mins later. He had brought with him a bottle of wine. They had a big glass of wine each in the hotel before Rob suggesting jane should use her wonderful mouth on his yummy cock. Jane wasted no time in getting his cock out and sucking his hard cock until it filled her mouth with creamy cum. Yummmmmmy. Then she continued to suck it all clean. When she was finished, she re touched her lippy and make up and was ready to go out.

They set off from the hotel and headed for pizza express which was a 5 min walk away. Rob had booked a table. They went in and the waitress showed them to their table. Jane got a few looks but no one said anything bad. They had a light meal and Rob had let jane drink most of the bottle of wine. By the time they left janes head was already quite dizzy.

They left pizza express and headed for Oceana night club. They walked in and Rob bought jane another drink (bacardi breezer this time). After some time dancing and more drinks janes head was spinning.

Her feet ached as they walked back to the hotel. Rob had to help her stand upright and stop her falling over in her heels. When they got back to the hotel room, Rob wasted no time in getting jane on the bed. He had his cock out and jane opened her mouth and let him use it. Then he got her on all fours and slipped inside her tight ass. He gave her a good fucking. Lots of different positions, until he finally unload all his cum in the condom inside her. He eventually pulled out and slipped the condom off. Jane immediately sucked his cock clean and then he popped the full condom into her mouth and said to chew it slowly. Jane did so and soon got all the creamy cum oozing out of the condom as she chewed it. Rob went to the bathroom and freshened up leaving jane on the bed chewing away happily.

Rob said he had to go now back to his wife, but insisted jane walk him to the lift. Jane was stilled dressed in most of her clothes, but her skirt was on the floor. She went to pick it up but Rob said to leave it where it was. jane asked to please be allowed to take it but Rob said no, and that no one would be about as they were on the 2nd from top floor of the hotel. Jane pulled up her stockings, grabbed her hand bag and room key and followed rob out the door. Her see through blouse was long enough to just come down part over her bum and no more, but you could easily see her thong and the red hand prints on her ass after the good spanking he had also given her.

Her head was still very woozy from all the alcohol and great sex, and she was very unsteady on her feet. In the corridor she felt very nervous and they were in a room right near the end so they had to walk the full length of the corridor including round one corner.

Rob helped her stand up as they walked and when they rounded the corner and got to the lifts he held onto her arm and said for her to wait for him to get into the lift. He called both lifts and they waited nervously. The first lift arrived and jane was relieved to see it was empty. he got in. He said for her to come in the lift and give him a quick kiss goodbye.

jane nervously stepped into the lift as he came forward so they were int he doorway to stop the doors closing. She kissed him as he groped her ass. She did not see him press all the buttons on the lift panel. He then spun her round, facing into the lift and told her to bend forward. She put her hands on the far lift wall to steady herself and spread her legs. He pulled something out of his jacket pocket (two gold balls) and slipped two fingers into her ass before pushing the golf balls inside before pulling her thong up tight. All the time the lift doors were trying to close and open again.

He then said for her to kneel in the lift, cross her ankles, put her hands behind her back and lock her fingers together. She should keep facing the wall and count to 10. He helped her kneel, and slipped an elastic band over her two heels unnoticed by jane. As jane counted he stepped out just as the doors closed. Jane heard the doors closing and with her slowed responses took a second or two to realise what was happening as she also heard him say goodnight baby.

She went to stand and as she moved her feet they pulled on the elastic band between the heels and she almost fell over. She got her balance but by the time she was standing the lift was already going down ....